Welcome to PARIC!

We are a non-profit organization committed to exploring the relationship between Pakistan and America.  We are most interested in the generational gap that occurs when people from other countries move to America and have children who grow up as Americans.  How is identity created through a hyphen, such as Pakistani-American or Cuban-American? We ask questions like, how do these two generations view the world? How do they relate to one another?  How is cultural identity created? What parts of one’s culture are lost?  What do we want to hold on to?    
We are interested in providing well-researched information about the immigrant experience and cross cultural communication. PARIC has started an international dialogue by arranging for American students to ask Pakistani students questions while sitting in their respective classrooms. They were curious about all sorts of the culture—even asking such questions as, how do you date? It is this kind of dialogue that we want to encourage between students, teachers and faculty of institutions of higher learning.

We explore these questions most publically in the Meeting of the Minds conference, last hosted by George Mason University in DC.    
It is our job to research, analyze and develop authenticated sources of information and historical data that could be useful for government, business, non-profit and academic organizations.  We hope to advance education both in America and in Pakistan.  We hope that more young women will have access to education.  We see ourselves as an instrument of change.

You have probably come across this site because you are in one way or another interested in these same ideas that we are fascinated by. Please browse our site and contact us if you have any ideas on these issues.  We’d love to hear from you.