Our Mission

Pakistani American Research and Information Center or PARIC is Dedicated to Communication, Education, and Community Building

PARIC collects, validates, and disburses information that may be relevant to the peoples of Pakistan and the United States of America, PARIC facilitates opportunities to promote education, exchange information and develop communication channels by utilizing technological tools to benefit students, teachers, faculty members, and the general public.

PARIC also collects compiles and analyzes data and generates reports for the consumption of its members and the general public. PARIC provides the American community at large and the people of Pakistani descent with authenticated information and facts for use by for-profit and non-profit organizations, the media, government agencies, and the general public.

PARIC is a community-building resource for American and South Asian Organizations, including but not limited to institutions of secondary and higher education.

PARIC can coordinate information-based activities for Pakistani American organizations and the community at large. It also cooperates with other organizations whose goals are similar and provides support for other organizations to succeed.